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4 Day Breaching Instructor Course

Thermal-Ballistic-Quickie Saw-Manual

October 24th-27th, 2022

Muscatatuck Urban Training Complex (MUTC)
4230 E Administration Dr.
Butlerville, IN 47223

OTOA Member: $1100
(OTOA Members save $150)

Max Students: 16

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This instructor level course is intended take our 2 day end user course to the next level. The course will expose the student to our end user course while being taught the “How” and “Why” behind the set up. We will go into great detail about the safety aspects of conducting this type of training, so when students take the concepts back to their agencies, they will have the knowledge to mitigate risk and maximize training time and resources.

This course will have a steady mix of hands on training as well as classroom time to discuss case law, video footage relating to breaching and training set up. We will also set aside one full day to discuss our “Train the Trainer” philosophy and teaching methods we use to relay the material, enhancing instructor development.

*Students will be required to perform teach backs on day 4. Students will run the entire class on the last day of training. *

*Students will also be required to complete a written exam. *

Students will practice a variety of breaching techniques to include, ramming doors, halligan bar applications, sledge hammers, the use of window keys for “rake and break/port and cover” techniques, thermal cutting, applications for a quickie saw, and shotgun breaching. Techniques in this course will also be performed during night time (low light) hours.

• Holiday Inn Express (Approximately 22 miles from training venue)
249 Sandy Creek Dr
Seymour, IN 47274 • 812-522-1200
Gov’t Rate $83.00
Includes free breakfast and Internet

• Base Barracks Housing – FREE
POC LaDonna Vaughn 317-247-3300 ext 41790
Tammy Adams 317-247-3300 ext 41792

• Officer Quarters
$28/night (includes kitchen area, stove and fridge)
Upgrade $38/night (includes common area, microwave, fridge but no stove)
POC LaDonna Vaughn 317-247-3300 ext 41790
Tammy Adams 317-247-3300 ext 41792

Attendance: The students are required to attend and participate in all classroom lectures, practical sessions, and scenario exercises. If an emergency causes a student to miss a class segment(s), the student is responsible for making arrangements with the course coordinator. Upon successful completion of missed work, a certificate will be issued.

• Note Taking Materials
• Ballistic Breaching Shotgun (If you have one)
• 10 Frangible Breaching Rounds
• Ram/Sledge/Halligan Tool(s)
• Rake and Break Tools (if issued)
• Range clothing/Long Sleeves
• Flashlight/Head Lamp (extra batteries)

Tactical Equipment:
• Helmet (recommended)
• Eye Protection
• Hearing Protection
• Gloves/Long Sleeves

1. Additional Study materials will be supplied by AGS to each student on day one of the course.