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At AGS we develop and implement comprehensive training programs for government agencies, law enforcement organizations, private security personnel and corporations. Our experienced instructors have proven our methods of instruction are able to be quickly implemented and sustain training programs in a variety of environments. Whether your organization requires former special operations veterans or vetted experts from federal or local law enforcement agencies, we have the right training cadre for your organization. AGS guarantees the highest return on your training investments.

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LE/MIL Courses

5 Day Law Enforcement Protective Operations

This course aims to provide Law Enforcement with the basic and fundamental close protection skills to successfully perform their duty as a primary protection team or to supplement a visiting team.Learn More

AGS recognizes more and more Law Enforcement and LE specialty units are being tasked with close protection. SWAT teams all across the country have “Executive Protection” listed in their SOP’s as a capability, but rarely if ever receive close protection training. Our goal is to bridge that gap with our program that is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective close protection. With civil unrest happening more and more in our communities, Law Enforcement are being asked to provide various levels of protection for city officials, executives, visiting foreign government officials, celebrities and other target groups who may be at risk. We offer a program and training curriculum that incorporates how Law Enforcement agencies can both supplement protection details that visit their communities, as well as organize a close protection detail as requested by their agencies executives.

Low Visibility Handgun Operations

This course is designed for plain clothes and/or undercover officers who are operating in a low profile capacity. Learn More

In this course we review the challenges and advantages officers face when choosing to carry concealed to maintain a low signature. AGS knows it’s not often LE departments are conducting separate firearms drills and practical exercises for officers not wearing a conventional uniform. Our goal is to create a better understanding of handgun deployment from a concealed carry position in a variety of environments the UC and plain clothes officer operates in on a daily basis. Course topics include holster types/configurations, on body holster placement, low visibility LE operations, drawing from concealment (standing/seated), positional shooting, low visibility clothing, low visibility vehicle operations, working in and around vehicles (the UC and plain clothes officer’s office) and counter ambush (while on surveillance).

UC/Plain Clothes Officer Survival

This course focuses on practical training sessions during the entire training program and shapes our students into professional plain clothes and undercover agents, who can enhance their capabilities when deployed in a stressful environment. Learn More

Plain clothes and undercover agents are placed into high risk operations dealing with intense, uncertain, and rapidly evolving situations. Our training program is designed to cover the skills and tactics to increase the chance of winning a conflict for a newly assigned undercover or plain clothes agent. We offer a comprehensive program and training curriculum that incorporates lessons learned from numerous plain clothes and undercover operations, giving the most recent and realistic training experience possible.

3 Day Manual/Mechanical, Ballistic, and Thermal Breaching

Our breaching course combines classroom lecture, hands on practice sessions, and practical scenario training that encompass the skills a Special Response Team member needs to be a productive breaching team member.Learn More

Often times in the “Tactical” community breaching is considered an afterthought. Most teams supply the “new guy” with the ram. It’s thought of as heavy, cumbersome and archaic. Some consider it a “starter” position within team. At AGS we believe one of the cornerstones of an effective LE Special Operations Unit is its ability to reduce it’s time on target, and make entry into a variety of structures as quickly and safely as possible. Breaching is a vital capability within your team and should be tasked to mature and experienced decision makers.
This course stresses operational safety standards and protocol, breaching reconnaissance, identification of fortifications and recognition of locking mechanisms. Students will practice a variety of breaching techniques to include ramming doors, halligan bar applications, sledge hammers, the use of window keys for “rake and break/port and cover” techniques, thermal cutting, applications for a quickie saw, and shotgun breaching. Techniques in this course will also be performed during night time (low light) hours.

Basic Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

The Basic Special Weapons and Tactics course combines classroom lecture, practice sessions, range firing drills, and practical scenario training that encompasses the skills that an entry level Special Response Team member needs to be a productive SWAT officer. Learn More

Students will practice entering, searching and clearing a variety of structures; shooting their weapon systems utilizing different positions, targets, and/or other conditions and exploring high-risk tactical response options.

Advanced Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT)

As in any law enforcement or military operation, the entry that takes place in a confined space must be planned and executed with much timing and precision. The principles and fundamentals of room clearing must be closely observed during this type of operation in order for it to be successful.Learn More

Students will learn actions at the point of entry (multiple entry points), movement into the room or structure, and domination and control of the room or structure while taking persons under control or eliminating threats. Specifically this course covers; planning, route selection, the stack and individual responsibilities, mechanical/manual breaching, room clearing , stairways/hallways, building clearing operations, advanced subject control techniques, hostage rescue techniques, barricaded gunmen procedures, vehicle take downs, advanced combat shooting techniques with the handgun and carbine.

Rural Small Unit Tactics (SUT)

Our training program can be delivered in either a three (3) to five (5) day block. This course is for Law Enforcement special operations, such as SWAT or fugitive apprehension teams.Learn More

The manufacturing of Methamphetamine is at an all-time high across the United States, especially in remote areas that have limited access.  More and more violent criminals have been recorded having escape routes leading to rural areas that have caches of weapons, food, and fighting positions. Secluded areas of operation that can only be accessed by foot or by water can pose a unique challenge.  Our instructors will relay first hand Law Enforcement and Military Special Operations experience gleaned from real world operations, teaching Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures that will enhance your teams’ operational capabilities.

Executive Protection Courses

7 Day Executive/Dignitary Protection

The goal of this course is to provide the newly assigned Executive/Dignitary Protection Agent with the basic fundamental close protection skills to successfully perform their duty in a variety of environments. Learn More

Our training program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective Executive/Dignitary protection, and to meet the needs of those who are responsible for establishing security measures for and to protect prominent individuals, corporate board members and executives, expatriate personnel, celebrities and other target groups who may be at risk. We offer a comprehensive program and training curriculum that incorporates the latest industry development and lessons learned from numerous international and domestic operations, giving the most recent and realistic training experience possible.

Executive Protection Enhancement Course (EPEC)

 AGS, along with our specialist partner, Redkoch, has designed a course for experienced protection professionals that are seeking to keep their skills sharp.  Learn More

Students will spend time refining their vehicle operations skills on a hard track along with an unimproved/off road surface.  AGS will conduct live fire attack on principal (AOP’s) drills working on communication during tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving situations. The course will round out with training geared toward field expedient emergency medicine.  Students will learn a proper medical assessments and how to apply various medical techniques to include; hemorrhage control, airway management, penetrating trauma, casualty evacuation, and ballistics/explosives injuries. Topics covered include systematic vehicle control (SVC), on road and unimproved road vehicle operations, low visibility handgun operations, drawing from concealment (standing/seated), attacks on principals/motorcades and emergency medicine for injured team member or principal.

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Mr. Hillis quickly put the branch staff at ease with his comfortable presentation style which allowed for a relaxed discussion about what could be a volatile topic. Pertinent and up to date information in a relaxed setting allowed each of us to absorb security information important to our team's safety

Stacey G - Assistant VP of Physical Security-Indiana Market