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we focus on helping you and your people adapt to change and enhance your team’s performance. In short, we provide guidance for your organization on its journey towards success. AGS is uniquely positioned to utilize key strategic advantages. We have the ability to tap into our extensive database of professional contractors, instructors and consultants who possess over 100 years of combined industry experience. This capability allows us to assemble a custom team that can meet the needs of your most demanding and critical projects.

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Our Services

Training Courses

At AGS we develop and implement comprehensive training programs for government agencies, law enforcement organizations, private security personnel and corporations. Our experienced instructors have proven our methods of instruction are able to be quickly implemented and sustain training programs in a variety of environments. Whether your organization requires former special operations veterans or vetted experts from federal or local law enforcement agencies, we have the right training cadre for your organization. AGS guarantees the highest return on your training investments.

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Professional Corporate Services

At AGS we offer a wide variety of professional and confidential corporate services. In today’s dynamic and fast paced world, corporations both big and small are facing unprecedented safety and security challenges. AGS instructors and consultants will enhance your employee’s decision making and problem solving capabilities during tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving situations. AGS encourages success with thorough, well thought out assessments, workshops, and transparent communication with your organizations leadership. We possess the capabilities to prepare your team not only for a natural disaster, but the human manufactured intentional acts, threats of terrorism, active shooters, workplace violence, and much more.

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​Government Contracts

AGS is actively pursuing US Government contracts in a variety of areas. Members of our team have decades of experience as Program Managers, Directors of Training, Training Managers, Primary Instructors, and Assistant Instructors. Our team possesses a level of experience that has been proven both inside and outside the Continental United States.

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Mr. Hillis quickly put the branch staff at ease with his comfortable presentation style which allowed for a relaxed discussion about what could be a volatile topic. Pertinent and up to date information in a relaxed setting allowed each of us to absorb security information important to our team's safety

Stacey G - Assistant VP of Physical Security-Indiana Market