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Highest return on investment

At AGS we develop and implement comprehensive training programs for government agencies, law enforcement organizations, private security personnel and corporations. Our experienced instructors have proven our methods of instruction are able to be quickly implemented and sustain training programs in a variety of environments. Whether your organization requires former special operations veterans or vetted experts from federal or local law enforcement agencies, we have the right training cadre for your organization. AGS guarantees the highest return on your training investments.

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Available Training

Risk Management

• Incident Command Training to Include developing NIMS compliant Emergency Response and Crisis Management Plans for Schools, Universities and Healthcare Organizations
• Fundamentals of Industrial Security
• Strategic Planning for Executive Protection Operations
• Home Invasion Prevention and Response

Executive Protection and Surveillance

• Executive Protection Planning and Personal Security Details
• Low Profile Executive Protection Operations
• Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Techniques
• Executive Protection Maintenance Training and Curriculum Development

Small Arms and Advanced Tactics

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Combat Marksmanship for:
• Assault Rifle, Carbine and Sniper Rifle
• Shotgun and Handgun
Armed Response Tactics for:
• Military and Law Enforcement Special Operations Units
• Dynamic Entry and Close Quarter Battle
• Ballistic and Mechanical Breaching
• Sniper/Designated Defensive Marksman (DDM) and Counter Sniper Tactics
• Advanced Urban Combat
• Active Shooter Response

Travel Risk Management and Survivability

• Region-specific Survival, Escape, Resistance and Evasion training
• Hostile Area and Terrain Survival (HATS)
• Offensive and Defensive Driving Tactics
• Surveillance and Counter Surveillance
• Capture Avoidance and Hostage Survival
• Air Travel Safety
• Hotel Safety

Mr. Hillis quickly put the branch staff at ease with his comfortable presentation style which allowed for a relaxed discussion about what could be a volatile topic. Pertinent and up to date information in a relaxed setting allowed each of us to absorb security information important to our team's safety

Stacey G - Assistant VP of Physical Security-Indiana Market