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Implement a Security Culture

During AGS seminars, we provide relevant and up-to-date information helping your team to recognize warning signs for potential violence. Through our seminars and workshops, we administer customized training, identify existing risks and security needs, make recommendations for consideration in implementing new programs, evaluate facility design, and partner with your team to be an ongoing security resource.

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Travel Risk Management Seminars

During our TRM courses we will cover the components of a self-preparedness/protection program with particular attention given to those issues that are specific to the executive traveler. As a representative of Corporate America, you are among the highest value targets for criminals and terrorists. The political and monetary gains that can be made from the theft of both corporate physical and intellectual property, and worse, the capture of corporate personnel to be used as political bargaining tools or fund raising activities place you at great risk. 

This class will give you the tools to recognize when you are being targeted, processes of preventing being selected as a victim and methods of crisis survival. Topics covered in this seminar include:

• Documents needed before and during travel
• Medical emergencies while traveling
• Kidnap and hostage survival situations
• Capture avoidance
• Region specific criminal methods used to target business travelers
• Air travel & hotel safety
• Car/taxi jacking prevention and counter measures
• Counter surveillance

Workplace Violence Mitigation Seminars

AGS offers our consultants to help educate your personnel, helping to protect your organization. When workplace violence strikes, you have a lot to lose! Violence in the workplace is a huge liability and a fiscal disaster waiting to happen. Unless you and your company take “reasonable action” to ensure the safety of your employees, you could face lawsuits, a damaged company image, and potential loss of life. 

Our goal at AGS is to help encourage business owners, corporate leadership, managers and human resources personnel to implement programs that identify the potential risks of workplace violence and to implement corrective measures. We believe in helping to create a security culture where everyone takes ownership and responsibility for workplace security. We just don’t identify a single strategy or provide a “one size fits all” solution, we recognize every business displays their own challenges. AGS has the experience and capabilities to recommend a combination of strategies to improve workplace security and minimize the risk for violence. 

By recognizing the hazards that lead to violent incidents and implementing appropriate prevention and control measures, employers will improve the safety of their workers. Although not every incident can be prevented, the severity of injuries sustained by workers can be reduced. AGS’ practical workplace violence mitigation programs can significantly reduce this serious threat to worker safety.

How we do it…
We identify the following risk factors that may lead to violent encounters:

• Does your company exchange goods for cash?
• Does your company maintain proper lighting in the employee parking area?
• Do you have security in place to monitor Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras that can ID potential problems before they happen?
• Do you encourage your team members to “say something” if they “see something”?
• Do you have a timely and streamlined reporting policy in place?
• As an employer or business owner, do you appropriate the necessary resources to enforce a workplace violence prevention program?

At AGS, we also aim to assist your team with implementing a security culture. Methods we use to achieve this goal include:

• Provide information to your team allowing them to recognize warning signs for potential workplace violence
• Provide customized training as the result of an extensive assessment of your existing workplace violence mitigation program
• Identify existing risks and the potential for violence within the workplace
• Identify security needs and vulnerabilities
• Make recommendations for consideration implementing new programs
• Evaluate facility design and how to increase its level of security at minimal cost
Partner with your team to be an ongoing resource for workplace violence issues

Personal Security and Situational Awareness Seminar

Violent attacks, identity theft, being followed or tracked physical or digitally is a growing trend US citizens are facing on a daily basis. Our seminar will include information that can be used to increase your safety and security while traveling to work, to your residence, and even a night out with your family. We will take a look at human behavior, how stress effects both the victim and the attacker. We examine pre-attack indictors and ways to address a variety of uncertain and rapidly evolving situations.

This seminar is designed to educate and increase awareness maximizing your chances of attacker avoidance, and/or managing your ability to survive an attack if it were eminent. We achieve this by educating you on:

• Self defense techniques
• Human behavior
• Home defense
• Counter surveillance
• Reducing your digital foot print
• ATM security
• Vehicle security/carjacking counter measures