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At AGS we offer a wide variety of professional and confidential corporate services. In today’s dynamic and fast paced world, corporations both big and small are facing unprecedented safety and security challenges. AGS instructors and consultants will enhance your employee’s decision making and problem solving capabilities during tense, uncertain and rapidly evolving situations. AGS encourages success with thorough, well thought out assessments, workshops, and transparent communication with your organizations leadership. We possess the capabilities to prepare your team not only for a natural disaster, but the human manufactured intentional acts; threats of terrorism, active shooters, workplace violence, and much more.

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Corporate Services

Risk Management

At AGS we believe that risk management is not an end in and of itself, but rather part of sound organizational practices that include planning, preparedness, program evaluation, process improvement, and budget priority development. The value of a risk management approach or strategy to decision makers is not in the promotion of a particular course of action, but rather in the ability to distinguish between various choices within a larger goal. Establishing the infrastructure and organizational culture to support the execution of your organizations security risk management is a critical requirement for your company’s security success. Risk management is essential for your executive leaders in prioritizing competing requirements and enabling comprehensive approaches to measure performance and detail progress.

Security and Vulnerability Assessments

AGS offers our consultants to help you properly assess your company’s Security and Vulnerabilities. Our Security and Vulnerability Assessments (TVA’s) include security testing and inspections, which are geared to promote and ensure that equipment is operating properly, is readily available when needed, and that employees are proficient in the use of the equipment. AGS accomplishes this by evaluating your assets value and the consequence of loss to your organization, identifying and characterizing threats to specific assets, identifying and characterizing the vulnerability of specific assets, and identifying countermeasures, costs as well as trade-offs. Our evaluations and identifications allow us to present you with a comprehensive report helping to better train your employees and upgrade your company’s effectiveness in the industry.

Executive Protection

At AGS ​we offer a unique blend of close protection specialists. Our protection specialists have conducted security operations throughout the world, from high threat environments to the red carpet and into the executive boardroom. Our ability to conduct low profile protection and remain flexible gives us a distinct advantage. We pride ourselves on our ability to gather relevant, up to date intelligence and creating a solid threat assessment tailored to each client and their specific needs.​

Travel Risk Management

As an employer you have a “Duty of Care” responsibility to your employees. Our Travel Risk Management workshops will cover the components of a self-preparedness/protection program with particular attention given to those issues that are specific to the executive traveler. As a representative of Corporate America, you are among the highest value targets for criminals and terrorists. The political and monetary gains that can be made from the theft of both corporate physical and intellectual property, and worse, the capture of corporate personnel to be used as political bargaining tools or fund raising activities place you at great risk. Our informative workshops will give you the tools to recognize when you are being targeted, processes of preventing being selected as a victim, methods of crisis survival, and much more.

Secure Transportation

Our secure transportation program is the key to any Travel Risk Management and Protection program. We recognize executives have a desire for secure, discreet, and seamless transportation. Through our program, we provide vetted drivers and transportation specialists with protection backgrounds to ensure the highest level of service. We can support your team’s transportation needs anywhere in the world by providing airport transfers, transportation for meetings and speaking engagements, luxury armored vehicles for overseas travel, low profile sedans and SUV’s, maritime charters, and fixed & rotary wing.

Alexander Global Strategies……. highly knowledgable and experienced based. Bryan Hillis is definitely one of the most professional people I ever had the pleasure to work with. I would recommend Bryan’s services and that of his company to anyone.

Etienne B - International Project Manager, Joshua Risk