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Government Contracts

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AGS is actively pursuing US Government contracts in a variety of areas. Members of our team have decades of experience as Program Managers, Directors of Training, Training Managers, Primary Instructors, and Assistant Instructors. Our team possesses a level of experience that has been proven both inside and outside the Continental United States.

Legal Information

  • Established as an S Corporation in 2012
  • EIN/TIN Available upon request
  • DUNNS #07861558
  • CAGE Code 6WSD3
  • UN Vendor #36639
  • E-Verify Compliant


PSC Codes

ARB15 – R&D- Community Service/Development: Crime Prevention/Control
U008 – Eductaion/Training/Curriculum Development
B546 – Special Studies/Analysis-Security(Physical/Personal)


561612 Protection and Patrol Services
611519 Technical and Trade Schools
922190 Other Justice, Public Order, and Safety Activities
928110 National Security
611699 All Other Miscellaneous Schools and Instruction

Seeking contracts in the following areas

  • Protective Services Training
  • Industrial Security
  • Vehicle Dynamics
  • Anti-Terrorism
  • Combatives
  • Firearms

Mr. Hillis quickly put the branch staff at ease with his comfortable presentation style which allowed for a relaxed discussion about what could be a volatile topic. Pertinent and up to date information in a relaxed setting allowed each of us to absorb security information important to our team's safety

Stacey G - Assistant VP of Physical Security-Indiana Market