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Law Enforcement Protective Operations Course

May 15th-19th, 2017

Anderson University Police Department
Hardacre Hall 1303 East 5th St.
Anderson, Indiana 46012

$625 (Pre-register discount; register on or before April 1, 2017)
$725 (If registering after April 1st)

Online Registration

Our training program is designed to cover the skills and procedures required to provide effective close protection, meeting the needs of those who are assigned to protect prominent individuals. With civil unrest happening more and more in our communities, Law Enforcement is asked to provide various levels of protection for city officials, executives, visiting foreign government officials, celebrities and other target groups who may be at risk. We offer a program and training curriculum that incorporates how Law Enforcement agencies can both supplement protection details that visit their communities, as well as organize a close protection detail as requested by their agencies executives.

Course Goal: To provide Law Enforcement with the basic and fundamental close protection skills to successfully perform their duty in a variety of environments.

Course Topics Include:
• Protective Security Formations
• Protection Agent Responsibilities
• Arrivals and Departures
• Special Events
• Attacks on the Principal
• Attacks on Motorcades
• Protection Strategies and Tactics
• Operational Planning
• Communications and Logistics
• Operations Management
• Threat Analysis and Risk Assessment
• Venue Advances
• Vehicle security
• Motorcade Operations
• Operations in High-Threat Environments
• Legal Principles of Personal Protection

Instructional Method: Our program consists of a balanced mix of classroom sessions and hands-on training. We focus on practical training sessions during the entire training program. Our goal is to shape our students into protection specialists, who can execute protective strategies and tactics in real-world situations. The final day of training, students will run a live protection detail.

Length: 5 Days (50+ Hours)

Attendance: The students are required to attend and participate in all classroom lectures, practical sessions, and scenario exercises. If an emergency causes a student to miss a class segment(s), the student is responsible for making arrangements with the Instructor Staff. Upon successful completion of missed work, a certificate will be issued.

Testing: Each student will be expected to perform the skills segments of this course. The student will be evaluated on their perfor¬mance on the firearms ranges, driving track, walking formations, attack on principal drills, and attack on motorcade drills, venue advances, along with overall operational planning. The students must actively participate and show satisfactory performance in these tasks.

Materials Required:
o Note Taking Materials
o Jacket/Cover Garment
o Suit and Tie/Dress Shoes (Capstone Day 5)
o Handgun
o Minimum of 3 handgun magazines
o Handgun Ammunition (350 rounds)
o Ear/Eye Protection
o Flashlight
o Range Clothing

1. Additional Study materials will be supplied by Alexander Global Strategies to each student on day one of the course.